self portrait  / /  2017


who will you be working with?

Hey you! I’m Hannah

I am a central New York photographer who specializes in natural light with a focus on weddings, adoring families + brand photography.


Welcome to my little corner …

Growing up in the hills of central New York, I was able to discover + explore the changing beauty that the upper east shows us (even learned to somewhat love the winter weather!) As the seasons come and go, my appreciation for the change never fades.

Always wanting to document memories and after finding out (real quick) that I couldn’t sing, paint or draw, photography became my creative outlet. I LIVE for overcast days and walks through the woods.

I am attracted to earthy tones and use the surroundings to bring out an organic feel during my sessions.

My style is best suited for those who love relaxed, unique & un-posed goodness. I want to have fun adventures with real people.  Sessions always seem to take on a life of their own and sometimes, ya just have to go with the flow and have fun with it!


If your love language includes quality time, you know every word to gangsta’s paradise, +  you stop to smell the roses... we should absolutely get together!