I strive to document life moments. Lets call it … “Real life reporting.” You will set the ‘theme’ of the session but I will strive to capture the soul and story. I don't operate in a "staged" way and stiff poses and I don't get along.  I get inspired by our surroundings, your energy and your personalities! I tend to be moody with my images + love rich tones. I love to play music and pets are always welcomed!


The Three l's

The location of your session is up to you! It should be a comfortable place and go with the theme of the session.

It could be your home, a coffee shop, at a state park or wherever the day takes us.

*Reminders:  I am a natural light and outdoor photographer. I do not currently own a studio, but I do well in a very well lit house or apartment. Also, it will be the clients responsibility to cover any charges should the location require. 


What if the weather isn't cooperating? 

Weather in CNY never cooperates and knowing this, I am very flexible. If we schedule a session and it just happens to be pouring rain, I will be happy to reschedule hopefully within a months time!

Please consult the contract for further information or email me with any questions.

how do you send the images & how many do we get?  

All images are culled, edited, organized and sent to your email via online image gallery. All image galleries are passcode protected for your security. There is an option for images to be selected and printed straight from your gallery.

For lifestyle sessions (couples, maternity, newborn, etc.) about 50-70.

Weddings typically produce 500-700 . Elopements are a little less and produce about 300-400.


How long have you been doing this? 

 On and off for over ten years while the the past 3 years have been full blown hustle mode! I found my passion again after getting married and never looked back.


how are the final images selected?

We can consult before you are photographed so I am able to get a better idea of what you are looking for (if it is something specific) but I urge you to trust me! I want you feeling and looking your best. Having said that, I do select the images at my discretion and do NOT give out raw images. 

Additionally, it is extremely discouraging to see any editing of my work that was not done by me personally. Please do not edit the images I provide.  That includes IG/FB filters, cropping, adjusting the white balance, etc. If you want a specific edit, PLEASE INFORM ME! 


What should we wear?

Sessions typically last an hour or two, so make sure you wear something you feel most comfortable in! Neon colors and wacky patterns, logos, or sayings on shirts are highly discouraged. Note: I am an outdoor and natural light photographer, so think nature! Yellows, browns, burgundies, and any other earth tones are perfect. Feel free to get in touch before the session if you need advice!

ut oh... what if you don't like your images?

I want you to be happy with the product I produce and above all, I want honesty! If you are unhappy with the images that you get – I will offer a re-shoot at a discounted price.


| don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question that you don’t see answered here |