Planning a wedding?

This is for my lifers, forever-ers & infinite lovers who could never imagine their life without the other.

This is for my adventurers, romancers, explorers, my snugglers + cuddlers.

This is for the non-traditional couples who want their day documented in an artistic and creative way. 

This is where you want to be if you want a relaxed, creative + fun photographer that will end up dancing with you at the end of the night and who may or may not become best friends with your uncle Frank.

As unique as your love for one another, no two weddings are the same.

 It is my job to find those special moments, because as your day unfolds (in the blink of an eye) I will be there to collect alllll the memories. 

There is something I need from you though… 

Come to me as you are. 

Be authentic, be true, and be YOU because that is what will shine through your wedding day pictures.  Remember that your wedding is a celebration between the two of you, your friends and your family and I promise I’ll try not to cry when you say “I do.” 

On a serious note though, choosing your wedding photographer is a huge investment. If you want to chat more, meet up for coffee, or grab a drink, get at me :)