Lifestyle Session | Whitesboro NY

Ways to combat winter blues

Yes, I know. It isn’t even officially winter yet. Never too early to start preppin! So here are 6 ways to turn that cold frown upside down.

  1. It’s impossible but keep reading

  2. Have plenty of snacks 

  3. Make sure you find a good book

  4. Have friends over

  5. Get a puppy

  6. Make some memories with a Lifestyle in-home session!

It may sound weird, inviting someone into your home to follow you around with a camera and constantly remind you how cute your animal is while simultaneously creating art and making memories BUT its not weird, I promise. 

Andrea and Mike had me come to do a lifestyle session with their two dogs, Arlo and Body (this was our second session together so HOORAY for awesome people!) Body stole the show while Arlo let me get just a few and made sure to walk aaallllllllllll the waaayyyyyyy around me as she ran up the stairs (she’s the white wolf who wouldn’t hurt a ant.) 

Thank you BOTH SO MUCH for allowing me to get creative - I hope your friendsgiving was AWESOME!

Hannah FrederickComment