April Feature: Paige

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For my first feature, I want to highlight Paige Evans of Paige Wissenbach Photography 


Paige & I have known each other for over ten years. She has been a huge inspiration for me. I go to her with questions, stresses, ideas & she is always honest, thoughtful and extremely helpful toward me. We both went to the same college in Philadelphia & when she returned back to lil central New York, she took what she learned and she freakin ran with it! Paige has acquired a huge client base and absolutely loves what she does. She has a unique photography style and creates imaginative scenes with thoughtful vision. She focuses on Families, Boudoir and couples in love!  

Check out her work below and continue reading for her Q&A! 


How did you get started in Photography?

I couldn’t wait to take film photography, and a dark room class in high school. I absolutely fell in love hard and fast. I have always loved photography though! I used to set up photo scenes with my Cat when I was like 10! Ha!!

You are well established and work so hard… How do you keep inspiration and avoid burn out? 

Aw thank you!!! I try to switch it up in many different ways! Slight styling changes, buying new props, thinking up new concepts. I’m so lucky to have the job I have because there’s such a great variety of sessions. From working with newborns to boudoir. Two opposites... but I love it all and everything in between. 

What is your favorite thing/session to photograph? 

I love love loooove boudoir!


I don’t have kids, but I definitely want them some day. What are some of the biggest challenges working close to home with small kids?  

I keep my studio separate from my living space just to make sure my work is my work space, and my home is my living space. Although sometimes I do get excited and begin editing while home... which can be challenging when two wild ones are demanding my attention. I also have two solid nights scheduled off a week for editing time! 

Whats the coolest/craziest session you’ve ever done? 

I love doing fantasy sessions which are always pretty wild. One of the coolest was in an abandoned factory with some breath taking scenes/rooms. 


Lastly, What is your advice for aspiring photographers? 

If you want to become a full time photographer do it! It’s scary to start, but if you keep on working towards your dream it’s so rewarding. If you can’t afford to attend schooling then start binge watching tutorials! There are so many free learning tools/low cost courses. Don’t get overwhelmed you will learn as you go. Never get discouraged by the process it’s part of the fun!

Some of Paige's amazing work below: