This blog post is brought to you by a family from Houston 

Carmen contacted me with hopes to have some of the most special and important moments of her sons life documented and I of course said yes!

Her first request was to document the Commissioning Ceremony into the Marines for her son, Lucas. Then a SURPRISE proposal! Once we got talking via email, it was like talking to one of my own family members. Carmen has a huge heart full of love and her son? Just the same. 

We had to change the plans due to the weather (almost never fails to rain on graduation weekend) but it all worked out. Probably better anyway! 

I asked Lucas to write up a little back story about his relationship & how it grew. 


Love story up next: 



Lucas + Katherine

Love story 

Katherine and my love grew slowly over time.

We met as high school class mates at the Kinkaid School in Houston, Texas as members of the class of 2014. She joined our class during our freshman year, while I started at the school in sixth grade. I remember seeing her walk through the doors on our first day of freshman year and being stunned by her beauty. She wore white jeans, a light blue top, and, when she laughed, a smile that makes you want to spend the rest of your life making her smile again.

I wish I could tell you that I had the courage to introduce myself on day one and the confidence to sweep her off her feet; but, the truth is that I was too shy with women to approach her at the time. Instead, I just talked about her with my friends (It turns out I wasn’t the only one impressed). I spent the rest of freshman year interacting with her in large groups or merely saying hi to her in the hallways. I didn’t even get her number.


Sophomore year, I finally saw my chance.

Katherine has always been brilliant. So, when I needed help with the problem sets for our AP Chemistry review, I asked a mutual friend for her number. From there, our conversations grew from covalent bonds and balancing equations to discussions about our childhood and aspirations in life. At one point, we learned that, while we both considered ourselves Christians, neither of us had ever read the Bible cover to cover. So, we decided to correct that. We spent the next few months reading a few chapters per night and calling each other to discuss what we had read. From there, our chemistry (hah get it?) was really natural. We never wanted to hang up. On more than one occasion, sunrise would tell us that it was time to go to hang up. These phone calls laid the God-loving foundation that would support us through obstacle after obstacle over our next few years.


The summer between Sophomore and Junior year...

Katherine and I started to hang out a little bit outside of school. Sometimes in small groups of friends, other times alone. We finally shared our first dance, and consequently, our first kiss, in October of Junior year (like I said, our love grew slowly). We finally decided to make things official on December 18th, 2012 and went ice skating to celebrate. I remember watching her sip hot chocolate and taking a second to thank God for putting her in my life. I just felt so lucky.


   Our relationship is many things, but perfect is not one of them.

To nobody's surprise, long-distance relationships are hard. And we’ve been doing it for five years! Over the years, we have laughed and eaten our way through the different cities that have hosted our love. We have also fought, and cried, and have been selfish more than we care to admit. But through our relationship, we have been blessed to learn a very important lesson: love is a choice and a commitment, not just a feeling.


 I could not be happier to share...

On May 18th, 2018, we committed to loving each other for the rest of our lives. Katherine Grace Fisher, I cannot wait to make you my wife. To love and serve you until the day that I die.

Choose each other, every day. 

Choose each other, every day.