Listen, I am no “fashionista” ... my favorite colors are black, brown, & tan

Truthfully, my 11 year old niece probably has better style than me & we all know she is better at walking in heels, right Monica? Haha!

But when a local business owner Steph, from S.T.E.P.H. Boutique, contacted me to schedule a content branding session for her clothing store, I was ALL about it (I mean I was a little nervous because I was somewhat new to photographing in this style) but what’s better than providing a local business with beautiful content? Being able to work together to get high quality pictures that she could not only be proud of and use for her website, but her social media accounts, advertisements and promotions was a dream come true. 


I have photographed for Steph quite a bit and I wanted to pull some of my favorite outfits and images! 


I also wanted to say THANK YOU to Steph not only for hiring me, but for believing in me, for trusting me with her vision and for being an overall AMAZING human being. Also, shout out to these ladies because they are amazing every. single. time!


Check out her IG below and stop in and say hi!

Her store is located right at 7 Lebanon St, Hamilton, NY.  


Hannah Frederick