24 hours

this blog post is brought to you by a summer home in Plattsburgh

JUST DO IT! Alyssa and I randomly planned a night away in Plattsburgh to visit our dear friend Giovanina, for hangs and a photo sesh. Weekends are scarce in the summer but we made it work!

How did we do it?

Well first, one of you has to drink too much the night before and the other one has to run a 5k the morning of the trip. Then you have to get lost in Rome, but eventually find your way to the cutest little home in Sherrill. Pet a puppy, meet some rad parents, eat a snack, and be on your way! 

4 hours of scenic conversation later, you arrive at BUCCI LANE! 

Now when I was told this is a 'summer camp', I guess I didn't realize it was going to be one of the most well decorated and beautiful summer (homes) I have ever seen. Everything cute, nothing out of place and met with open arms.

You arrive to see that you have a brand new camera sitting there waiting for you, (YES ALYSSSSA!) homemade fish tacos with some of the most delicious ingredients you'll EVER taste, a glass of wine, and oh what's that? Homemade peanut butter cookies?! (WHERE AM I!) 



You watch the sunset. 

Use your phone minimally.

Try and get Angry Orchard to sponsor you.

Name some ducks. 

Explore the cabins. 

& Fall in love with everything you see. 


Deciding to only stay one night was (legit) the hardest decision of our LIVES but life is life and you have to appreciate the time you have. We planned on getting up at 4:30AM on Sunday to do the photo session because... well me and the sun fight every day, mid day. It's tradition. This session was to focus on Giovanina's amazing new adventure with her paintings. She knew she wanted paints and canvas's in the photos so she decided to paint this amazing owl the night before so the canvas wasn't plain white.

Watching her create this was without a doubt, one of the most intriguing things I've ever seen. Typically, you see artwork when it's completed. You see my photo's after I've culled and edited them. You hear a song after it's been perfected and recorded, and you see paintings after they are all dry and complete with the last brush stroke. 


We woke up, got ready and off the docks we go! 

So we took a nap. 
Ate French toast. 
Lost a towel. 
Gained some love. 

& drove back to reality. 
All in all, it was an amazing start to June.

Giovanina Francesca Bucci, YOU ARE AMAZING! 

I just want to thank you for being so welcoming, so warm hearted and incredibly supportive.

Keep shining, babe. 

(biggest shout out EVER to my girl, Alyssa Rose. Who drove the entire way, showed me the coolest spots to stop and take pictures & who kept me laughing & learning the whole way)


Thank you!