P + S // CNY Maternity session


MY GOODNESS where do I start with these two! I’ve known both Paige and Shaun for over a decade and love them dearly. She contacted me for a Maternity session and I was ecstatic! 

I actually roomed with Paige’s brother in Philly while we were both going to photography school at Antonelli Institute. Paige also had a strong interest in photography and went to the same college as us! She has built her brand from the ground up just a few towns over from me and I couldn’t be more proud. 


Together, her and her husband Shaun are a dream team. He is a spectacular tattoo artist and has done more work on me and my husband than anyone else! They have a studio where Paige creates her art and Shaun creates his. It is truly inspiring. 

She’s been there for me while I’ve started my journey and is there late at night when I need her. I send her texts with worries & questions or advice and she is always there to calm me, teach me & support me. 


I photograph some amazing strangers that have turned into friends, but it’s really special when you get the chance photograph your friends! 




Paige + Shaun

You two inspire me and both of you are beautiful artists that deserve the world! I cannot wait to meet Wisen!