up + down  |  left + right

This blog post is brought you by a confused creative.


"Man I feel just like a rock star." There are some days/weeks/months when our left brain is blossoming. It's showing you exactly where you need to be & exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals. You could take a walk outside of your house and capture something that could potentially be one of your favorite photos you've ever taken. You feel alive. You are thriving and can't get enough, like when pandora plays 5 straight songs that are your faaaav and your in your groooove. Your head is swarming with positive thoughts and affirmations that make you feel at peace & remind you you are right where you ought to be. You get emails & phone calls from your ideal clients and you are like, "What in the world did I do to deserve this?"

.  .  .  

As soon as you think that, your world turns up-side down. Your right brain is now controlling your every emotion and thought. You feel uncomfortable, uneasy and confused. All your confidence is quickly thrown out of a car going 88mph and you are trying desperately to grab onto anything that makes you feel like you're doing it right. Everywhere you turn you see someone or something that is better than you (or at least thats what you tell yourself) You question every little thing and wonder why any one would ever hire you. 

w a v e s  c o m e  a n d  g o

& so will your confidence. 

first day of may, 2018. 

first day of may, 2018.