NYC | upstate goes to the city

It’s been about five years since we visited our amazing friends, Matt and Cat, in the big apple.

This was such an amazing trip - I had to journal the adventure!

We headed out, me confident that I could drive at least halfway and Brandon taking on the city driving.

About an hour from NYC we started to see crazyyyy lightning. It was beautiful. Long lines of energy going in all directions. Some straight down, some horizontal and some where we were like HOLY $%@! DID YOU SEE THAT! Then… 15 minutes later…. it started pouring.

I mean… SHEETS of rain. That rain where you can’t see a thing and everything on the road is reflected and in any minute you just know you’re going to hydroplane and get into a 15 car pile up….

The worst two parts were:

1) When a three lane highway going 80 (in a matter of a mile or less) was squished into one lane because of the flooding across the road with no warning!!!

2) When we were slammed with violent waves of water from the oncoming traffic.

(Let’s all have a moment of silence to thank my husband who stayed calm, pulled over so I could collect myself and got us the hell out of there. )

We arrived to 96th and got a parking right in front, thanks to Matt and his Umbrella! We also finally got to meet the baby furball, Wall-e! (When I say baby, I mean baaaaaaby. He is the sweetest, most adorable, loving, sock stealin’ cuddle bug I’ve ever met!)

We got in pretty late Friday night but we decided to go out for dinner at a place called 5 Mile Stone (get the guac and the lamb lollipops ‘cause DAMN!) Then we headed over to a place called Ethyl’s and I maaay or may not have put money in a go go dancers pants. After a drink there… Matt and Cat took us to the coolest place of all time (how about of all time?)


Complete with a secret door and drinks inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The place had a big poster of biggie on the wall and framed mirrors on the ceiling. I was home.

The next day, we filled our hours with hot dogs and museums. Our first stop was the American Museum of Natural History. My favorite part was the Dark Universe played in the Hayden Planetarium, narrated by non other than Neil deGrasse.

I honestly have never seen a more beautiful, educational, mind blowing short film. I kept saying that just thinking about the universe hurts my brain and seeing it’s history and it’s power is … just phenomenal. I highly suggest seeing this if you get a chance!

I also clearly loved the Dinosaurs, the newest biggest one called ‘Titanosaur Patagotitan mayorum’ who couldn’t even fit in the room they had him displayed but barely impressed my 4 year old nephew who I HAD to facetime while walking through the exhibit.

We also visited the Intrepid that holds the most varied collection of aircraft on the East Coast, my favorite being “Blackbird” that can go 2,269 mph. We toured through the ship, talked to a few veterans and saw the coolest lego mosaic of spaceships.

Ending our Saturday night in Brooklyn at the SUGARCANE raw bar grill, a dinner with what I have to vote as the best dinner Brandon and I have ever had. It was a perfect way to end our adventure.

Matt & Cat, you two are the most gracious hosts and incredible friends. You’ve taken us to the coolest places and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the adventure!


(all facts stated above learned from Krollpedia aka Matt Kroll)


& we end with a water tower, because those are cat’s favorite, xoxo.

Thank you!