Hold them in your hand | NEW FEATURE!

What is better than showing off your beautiful images in physical form?

I not only love to take photographs and send them digitally in an easy downloadable gallery, but providing an effortless, convenient way for my clients to order prints has been on my mind for a long, long time.

Let me take you through a quick run down of how clients and I work together from start to finish.

  • I receive an inquiry for a session and as a natural, docu-style + outdoor nature inspired photographer, I typically send a questionnaire to make sure the client is choosing the right person for the job!

  • We exchange a few emails, text + phone calls and eventually (when they say YES LETS DO IT!) I send the proposal + contract. It is easily signed and the deposit paid right through a link in your email!

  • We choose a location, date and then probably another date because well… the rain lately! hah!

  • We meet, hang and get to know each other, all the while I am snapping away and grabbing those real, authentic moments of you!

  • I go home and edit, cull and edit and cull and end up with a gallery of beautiful, high resolution images that you can download to any smart device.

  • All the final images are uploaded to your online gallery! I send the gallery to your email with a 4 digit passcode for privacy and protection, as well as the date in which the gallery is going to expire. Typically I alert you on social media!

… at this point, the transactions are usually done, although i’ve been known to send thank you cards via snail mail ;)

I thought to myself, where are my clients printing these? Walmart? Walgreens? No, no no no. I can’t have that! Then I decided … I need to make it easy and convenient for them to select and print their images RIGHT FROM THEIR GALLERY!

This is the final stage now, should you choose to print!

I could list 200 reasons why everyone should print their photo’s, but the MOST important thing is family (& friends!) Showing your family the final product in which they can actually HOLD in their hands gives you a feeling you can’t get when staring at a computer/phone screen. There’s just no comparison. One of my favorite things to do is rummage through old photographs. Reading on the back what year and holiday or birthday it was, recalling all the memories I’ve made and that formed before me. It gives me the warmest, comfiest feeling.

ok, end rant.

Take a peak at the HOW TO GUIDE I created below to help you understand how it works!

step 1.png

step 1.

receive your online album!

step 2.png

step 2.

go through all your images!

step 3.png

step 3.

choose your favorites.

step 4.png

step 4.

choose what products you want to print!

step 5.png

step 5.

go to your shopping cart.

step 6.png

step 6.

check out and receive your high quality prints in no time!

And there you have it!

6 effortless steps to getting your images in your hand!

Selected and ordered by YOU.