Becky + Alexa | Skaneateles Engagement

That location. This couple. Those smiles. Their love.

We met with clouds in the sky with a promise from my $5 weather app that that was all we were in for. As an outdoor and natural light photographer, clouds and I are best friends. Thinking all I needed was my camera, my camera bag and my creativity, we walked to this gorgeous opening at Carpenter Falls.

We felt a few rain drops and then… not more than 20 seconds later, THE MONSOON HITS + I AM NOT exaggerating when I say, monsoon you guys. IT STARTED POURING.
We are getting SOAKED. We quickly became reeeaaaal close as the four of us popped our comfort bubbles and huddled under this teeny tiny umbrella, inches from one another, waiting for our savior to come back with more umbrellas and rain jackets.

I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve been to a lot of places, but this was a first. Nature had forced us to pop those bubbles and with the hilarity of it all, it really let us all just relax + laugh about it throughout the session.

You never know how people are going to react in these types of situations, ya know? But these two? These two love birds went with it and took the good with the “bad.”

They weren’t upset, not even once.

They couldn’t care less that they were getting wet, that their hair may have gotten a little frizzy or there was mud everywhere. They popped their champagne + focused on each other.

Pro Tip:

Shit happens. Rain happens. Sometimes you are prepared and sometimes you aren’t. Nature has it’s own path and the most important lesson here is to go with the flow and make the best of it.

thank you, becky & alexa - for your shining smiles, your effortless love and your ‘go with the flow’ attitude. I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR WEDDING!